The Leaders Partner



Through Strategic HR Thought Partnership

See the forest for the trees

  • Create a roadmap to lead yourself
  • Design a team that delivers results
  • Unleash a data-driven approach to motivate¬†your team
  • Retain your current team and Engage new¬†members
  • Create FUN ways to learn and develop
  • Clearly Communicate Expectations and Feedback
  • Drive Customer Retention through Employee Retention strategies

The Leaders Partner

I am Marcie Shelton. I started The Leaders Partner so that I can enable leaders and teams to achieve their vision by aligning behaviors to strategies. I help you connect your people to your purpose.

I work with nonprofits, for profits, startups, manufacturers, service organization and so much more.  Anywhere a team of people come together to achieve a goal – I’m in.

For the past twenty years as an experienced Human Resources Leader in the corporate space, I have partnered with leaders to address their leadership and people challenges in a host of functions such as Manufacturing, Tech, Finance, SAAS, Sales, Service, Marketing and Engineering.

My home base is in the Greater Sacramento region of Northern California. I’m excited to serve these business and communities in person. 

I’m available to support leaders and businesses virtually across North America.